50 Years of EHS at Princeton

From Radiation to Vaccination: A Half Century of Safety 

On Sept. 30, 1971, the Office of Occupational Health and Safety was formally instituted by Princeton University. For the first time in the school's history, radiation safety, industrial hygiene and general campus safety would be unified in a centralized office.     

This represented an important turning point for Princeton, whose departments—like most Universities at this time—operated a patchwork of safety programs and protocols with widely varying degrees of rigor and oversight. Some safety programs were robust, while others relied on departmental standards or the informal efforts of individuals. Many spheres of University operations had no formal safety standards at all. 

All this changed in 1971 with the creation of OHS, now known as EHS—the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Join us as we mark and celebrate a half century of safety at Princeton University!

View of Campus in the Summer From The Sky

As the University has grown, EHS has grown with it—expanding into new roles in the fields of safety, emergency management and public health.  

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EHS sponsors a range of events throughout the year to educate and inspire the Princeton University campus community.

EHS Staff Profiles

As part of our anniversary celebration, we showcase our team of dedicated subject matter experts, exploring what they do and why it motivates them.

Podcast: EHS Stories

EHS Stories explores some of the fascinating incidents, characters and projects that have shaped our office, and Princeton University, over the last 50 years.

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EHS Anniversary Reunion
Sept. 30, 2021
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