EHS Staff Profiles

Robin with Princeton Tiger in front of Nassau Hall.

Profile Video: Robin Izzo

Campus Safety Group

Workplace Safety

The workplace safety group at Princeton EHS works to promote safe practices, reduce hazards and respond to workplace incidents around campus.

Kelly States by the Clio Hall lions.
Sean stands in Lewis Arts Center courtyard.
Jamie in the courtyard by the Lewis Center
Stephanie by lamp post on Alexander Rd.

Environmental Health

Environmental health encompasses indoor air quality, hazards in building materials, water quality, noise and general exposure concerns.

Shaundree with the EHS office in the background.

Learn more about the Campus Safety Group at Princeton EHS:

Campus Safety Group

Research Safety Group

Laboratory Safety

The lab safety group at Princeton EHS conducts lab safety training, handles inspections, research materials shipping, consults on equipment, responds to/investigates incidents, works with departments on chemical safety protocols and manages the disposal of waste.

Steve by Pyne Hall
Chris on Firestone Plaza
Chelsea at the Richard Serra sculpture near Fine Hall.
Stan outside of Frick Laboratory
Colt does a calibration in Moffett Laboratory.
Joan at Icahn Laboratory


Oversees policy and services related to biosafety, animal research health and safety, biological hazards on campus and management of the University’s Bloodborne Pathogen Program.

Meagan outdoors with greenery in the background.
Halina with the SPIA fountain in the background.

School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)

Madison in front of the Uroda sculpture near the Andlinger Center.

Learn more about the Research Safety Group at Princeton EHS:

Research Safety Group

Emergency Management

The Emergency Preparedness team at EHS works closely with Public Safety to plan for and mitigate incidents impacting the University community and coordinate a response when emergency situations do occur. 

Derek next to Lewis Library.

Learn more about the Emergency Management Group at Princeton EHS:

Emergency Management Group

Operations Group

The Operations team at EHS handles administrative, support and communications tasks for the office. Operations furthers the mission of EHS by ensuring smooth and efficient office functioning, technical assistance and effective use of platforms for campus community outreach.

Lynne in front of plants by the EHS office.
Jim in front of Nassau Hall
Mike standing by the fence in front of the golf course along Alexander St.

Learn more about the Operations Group at Princeton EHS:

Operations Group

2021 Introductory Video 

As part of our anniversary celebration in 2021, EHS began profiling our entire staff over the course of the academic year. In this video, Kelly States, Jamie McQuaid, Sean Farrell and Ryan Carney of the Campus Safety team talk about what they do and why environmental health and safety matters to them.